Australian gun laws are admired the world over.

Before Port Arthur

There were 13 mass shootings.
Gun reform was effected in 1996 after Port Arthur. Since then, not a single life had been lost through mass shooting until early in 2018 in a tragic domestic incident. As a result of the reform lives lost by suicide and homicide from firearms have more than halved. While the USA loses 10.6 people per 100,000 to gun death, Australia’s figure is much lower at just 1.03.

We aim to


To have all jurisdictions comply with the 2017 National Firearms Agreement.


Increase public awareness of the poor compliance by all Governments and hold them to account for their non-compliance.


In order to bring understanding and change, contribute to a balanced public conversation about the importance of a strong gun safety framework.

Without gun control in Australia
16 mass shootings
Could have occured between 1996 - 2018

Our concern

Despite the great progress made by previous legislators none of our State and Territory Governments have fully complied with the National Firearms Agreement they signed over 21 years ago.

Since 1996, regardless of the tacit agreement by all State and Territory Governments, 5 separate reviews have concluded that not a single jurisdiction is fully compliant with the Agreement.

The Australian Gun Safety Alliance.

The Australian Gun Safety Alliance is a broad coalition of voices representing the interests of community safety to assist in leading the public debate on gun safety. The Australian Gun Safety Alliance will engage in a united effort to hold Governments to account for the existing National Firearms Agreement, and provide a balanced view on behalf of the majority of Australians who support gun control and community safety.

There are at least
3,150,000 Firearms
(both legal and illicit) in Australia

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