Australian Gun Laws

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Before Port Arthur

There were 13 mass shootings in 18 years.

The Australian Gun Safety Alliance was formed by several like-minded organisations concerned about gun safety in our community.

Despite bipartisan agreement, no state or territory government is fully compliant with the National Firearms Agreement which they all signed after Port Arthur in 1996 and renewed in 2017.

We aim to

  1. Ensure compliance

    Have all jurisdictions comply with the National Firearms Agreement 2017.

  2. Increase awareness

    Increase public awareness of the poor compliance by all governments and hold them to account.

  3. Contribute to a balance

    Contribute to a balanced conversation about the importance of a strong gun safety framework.

There are at least 3150000 firearms (both legal and illicit) in Australia
Without gun control 16 mass shootings could have occurred between 1996 - 2018 Chapman et al 2018
Australian poll 87% support our gun laws survey taken in 2018 Essential Report March 2018

Our concern

Despite the great progress made by previous legislators, none of our State and Territory Governments have fully complied with the National Firearms Agreement they signed more than 21 years ago.

Since 1996, regardless of the tacit agreement by all State and Territory Governments, five separate reviews have concluded that not a single jurisdiction is fully compliant with the Agreement.

Support gun safety

Gun deaths in Australia

Total gun deaths Total gun deaths Rate of all gun deaths per 100,000 people Rate of all gun deaths per 100,000 people

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The Australian Gun Safety Alliance is a broad coalition of voices representing the interests of the community in ensuring that we maintain vigilance on issues of gun safety.

AGSA members are from the public health, medical, hospital, first responders, unions and children services sectors, along with faith organisations and those involved with preventing family violence.

AGSA is not politically aligned and receives no corporate or individual donations. It is funded by philanthropic donations and in-kind services by members.

We understand that the majority of gun owners in Australia are law abiding, responsible people who are not criminals. However, Australian Governments must do everything in their power to avoid a slide towards an American culture of gun entitlement.

AGSA believes that the onus of firearm laws and regulations should be on public safety and not for the convenience or commercial interests of a few. This is the overriding principle of the National Firearms Agreement which has served Australians well.

Our members

  • The Royal Australian & New Zealand Collage of Psychiatrists
  • Australian College of Nursing
  • Injury Matters
  • Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfar
  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • Gun Control Australia
  • Australasian Injury Prevention Network
  • White Ribbon Australia
  • Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria
  • Australian Education Union
  • RACP
  • Medics for Gun Control
  • Public Health Association Australia
  • Australian Childcare Alliance
  • Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
  • Australian Childhood Foundation
  • Alannah & Madeline Foundation
  • Centre for Armed Violence Reduction
  • Australian Health Promotion Association
  • No to Violence
  • College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand
  • UNICEF Australia
  • Uniting VicTas

Our supporters

  • Australian Communities Foundation
  • Cubit Family Foundation Australia


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